/ NRG Engage

NRG Engage is a digital smart tool and content concept for training and communication for a better way to train, communicate and understand information.

Education in a new way.

Are you still training your staff the same way that you always have? Without being able to track or see any proven results? Don’t worry, we got you covered! 

/ How it all started

Since 1998 we’ve improved retail performance for our global brands. Since the early days it’s been important for us to challenge the way we impact the industry, to drive results and efficiency through innovations in training, communication, and overall retail experience.  With over 20 years of pushing the envelope for retail training we think it’s fair to say… It’s, in our DNA. 

Our journey with NRG Engage started in 2018, with only one country and one language. Now we have grown substantially and cover a total of 31 countries – in 10 different languages! Through our way of work, we have been able to improve engagement in our clients’ brands, raise knowledge levels, and develop relations across continents. All to grow interest, understanding and sell out.

/ This is Engage

NRG Engage is a training and communications concept that combines our years of experience in retail with the latest technology within mobile learning tools. The result is an easy and trackable way to distribute tailor made content with the purpose to train your staff. 

Our training and communication specialists transform technical specifications to snackable trainings and messages. Through gamification of the learning experience, we have created a fun and interactive way for the user to engage with the content. On top of that, we offer extended insights, live demos, ways to seamlessly book appointments, and more exciting feature integrations are on the way.

To assure maximum impact we have created an easy-to-understand dashboard that gives you an overview of your teams’ usage and performance. This allows us to spot trends and challenges early on, so that we can help you take action where you need it the most.




Use scenarios

Use NRG Engage for campaign implementation, news sharing, product updates, ambassador program portal, etc. We customize it for you and your brand!


Social Wall

Share pictures, movies and short texts. Boost engagement through the built-in secure social wall. Like, comment and get inspired by the crowd itself. Create secure groups and let the fun begin!



Message received? Read? How many has seen the video and who? Who has not seen the latest news? Everything is trackable on user level and summarized in the built-in dashboard. Chase the tail and make sure that all users get the right information, at the right time.

Secure but simple

Receivers can be notified through text messages and/or notifications when new content is added. The app itself is a web app that doesn’t require any download but can be added to the home screen for quick access. Data sent and stored is encrypted and Engage is of course GDPR compliant.

Mobile first

Made for mobile, NRG Engage is a great way to ensure that staff is kept up-to-date and engaged by providing them with a simple way of continuously developing their sales skills through quick trainings, collaboration and gamification. All whilst providing you with detailed analytics to track and follow-up on engagement.

Your vision

We can create and customize any vision that your company needs. Big or small.


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