LG Alumni Champions League

Join The most intense League ever

Quality first

Why choose us

Well, it’s not fake nor exaggeration that this league has a history of natural talents with extraordinary fantasy skills. The league has racked up a record number of points over the years and are constantly being mentioned as one of the top 2 leagues in the world. Dare to join?

Get in!!! Get in!!!

If you don’t already know your Premier League, this league is not for you! Only true talent and experts are welcome. Well, at least as long as you think you are an expert, your are welcome to join.

Insane price money

The cash flow in the Premier League might be close to insane, but it is nothing compared to the money being tossed around in this Fantasy League. Sign up fee: mandatory, price money: skillbased. 

Welcome to the family

You think you have what it takes? What are you waiting for? Take the shot and score a screamer from outside the box, you tosser!

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